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Tuesday, August 12th

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This is considered to be EVP of Eric/Dylan

One of the killers, either Eric or Dylan I am not sure which one,
probably Dylan, spoke with a spirit interviewer.
Interviewer - “(?)…do say something”
Eric/Dylan? - “(?)”
Interviewer - “Here”
Eric/Dylan? - “What?”
Interviewer - “Anything”
Eric/Dylan? - “Don’t f*** with me!”

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Tuesday, August 12th

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Tuesday, August 12th

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Anonymous: You know what they said eric and dylan when they were shooting?


There are some testimonies of some people that they said all kind of stuff like:

  • "Go! Go!"
  • "This is was all what we planned to do"
  • "This is awesome"
  • "Today the world comes to an end"
  • "Today is the day we die"
  • "We still going to this, right?"
  • "Are still with me"
  • "I want to fucking die"
  • "I hate you all"

Stuff like that

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Tuesday, August 12th

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Anonymous: You're pretty :)

thank you aw

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Monday, August 11th

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Elephant (2003)

Monday, August 11th

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i’ve been busy all week out & about traveling different places so enjoy this pic of me idk